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malota - Tormenta
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Walking wearily, lost and without a course, the sun burns, but plays peek-a-boo with the clouds. Suddenly a Summer thunderstorm surprises me. Powerful, savage and at once beautiful. Rain, thunder and a world of grey.

plastic flesh - fleebles4beebles ep
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Plasticflesh sez, "it is a rocktastic extrapolation of synchapations for procastatious constipatrixes. Shplah!" and we agree. We might add that this music makes a really great soundtrack for shoplifting -- petty crime in general, really.

plastic flesh - Smegmatron
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Four wonderful tracks from Plasticflesh, featuring several guest appearances from a certain russian composer. And don't skip the bonus track "Zounds!", courtesy of Sounds of the Avid Cyclist Crew!

malota - Mwah
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Un transcurrir sereno y casi monótono. Un caminar sosegado hacia cualquier lugar. Hasta que un día casi sin avisar las cosas comienzan a cambiar y poco a poco mi mundo se vuelve diferente. Mis ojos nunca volverán a mirar de la misma forma.


IMPORTANT: The list below is by no means complete. In fact some of Metem's greatest hits are nowhere to be found here. Sorry, but Metem's been putting out music since 1999, and we're just too lazy to copy and paste it all on this page. Can you blame us, really? Still, we definitely wouldn't want you to miss out on the early years, so please click here for a complete archive. Enjoy!

Artist Title Date
Dr. Awkward Help Me Understand 3/11/02
Dr.Awkward Unreasonable Force 3/11/02
Mr eel Milks Great Unity 20/2/02
Mikrosopht basic element(s) a remix of basic instinct by quasimoto 2/12/02
Switchback Tool 2/05/02
Switchback Seizure 2/05/02
Mikrospht Hookface 2/02/02
Martin Saunders Make It Right 1/21/02
Comma SlowBeam (Goo Mix) 1/18/02
Mikrosopht Slut Crumb Poker 1/15/02
Satori High on Helvelyn 1/08/02
Comma SlowBeam 12/28/01
orpheus Soft Steps by the Bed 12/28/01
Mikrosopht dual fuzze'dmik 12/27/01
Comma Sluggo 12/25/01
Mikrosopht Little Drummer Boy 12/22/01
orpheus Kraftwerk - Computer World (remixed by orpheus) 12/20/01
orpheus Kraftwerk - Computer World (dance remix by orpheus) 12/20/01
Dr.Awkward Behemoth 12/12/01
Ptolemy Castor 12/08/01

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