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minusbaby - Kicking Make Believe Pebbles Into Cars
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Man, those beats are solid! Kicking rocks in my face more like. Minusbaby returns with a tub-thumping, brain-churning slice of organised sound. Beats to bust brains. Synth to split spines. All twisting and twirling and outta control around yr head. Like metal beez with tiny stun-guns, but a big kick.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003 1 comments #
Mr eel - Moove
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People move. Cars move. Air, water, gas and the huge massive tectonic plates of the Earth move. But how many Moove? It’s a very important question. Stand still, move or MOOOOOOOOOVE? This music of course, won't give you any real awnsers, but perhaps it will set you on the path. A path lined with pearly bits of broken plastic, bracelets and thin whip coils of gold wire.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003 0 comments #

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