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Satori - As Near Zero
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Satori blesses us with something all sparkly and shiny, twinkling its way through very dark places. A sense of deep melancholy is resonating in these spaces, casting a deep blue and gold sheen on the cave walls: a translucent ball of light dripping space-dust depression juices in a mystic... oops. There I go getting all trippy-New-Agey all over myself.... Let me just set down these crystals and I'll try to be a bit more practical about this... OK, this is what we are working with here: really gorgeous synth melodies, and very crunchy, speedy percussion. Lay these on top of each other, and we get a really nice contrast, making for something real special... the sound of fairies crying in a toxic dump... of purple crystal energy... Woops.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

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